Logan intends to spend rest of her term keeping 'the money rolling'

Though defeated at the polls Tuesday by more than 12,000 votes, Beaufort County Treasurer Joy Logan says residents shouldn't expect her to be a lame duck.

"We still have eight months to go," Logan said Wednesday. "We've still got (tax) bills that are going out ... and we've got to keep the money rolling."

Logan's run as county treasurer will end in July after she was defeated by petition candidate Doug Henderson, who received 62 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. Henderson will take office July 1 - the beginning of the fiscal year - in accordance with state law.

During the next eight months, Henderson hopes to work closely with his former opponent.

"We're hoping that Ms. Logan is willing to invite us into the office and help us through this transition period," Henderson said. "I'm sure she has some insights as to how things work and where the problems might be. ... That could be very helpful to me."

Logan said she also hopes for a smooth transition but stopped short of saying she would allow Henderson to job shadow before July 1.

"We'll see how things work out," Logan said. "I'll be happy to provide him with any information he needs. I'm going to continue to do what I can to make this Treasurer's Office a good one for the man stepping in."

County administrator Gary Kubic said Logan and Henderson must work together to help stabilize the office.

"They're going to need each other," Kubic said. "Once the dust settles ... Joy and Doug need to sit down and talk about the direction that office is going to go."

In the last year, the Treasurer's Office has been a source of frustration for county leaders. After the May 12 arrest of former employee Casaundra White, charged with stealing $210,000 from public accounts, Kubic and County Council called on Logan to resign.

An independent audit of the Treasurer's Office, made public in June, found that employees in Logan's office seldom verified check requests or double-checked each other's work.

Though they have no direct authority over the Treasurer's Office, County Council members will lean on Logan to ensure procedures and controls continue to improve, said Councilman Paul Sommerville.

"The issues are on the table; the solutions are forthcoming and will be implemented long before July 1," Sommerville said.

Logan plans to begin electronically logging transactions into the county's general ledger, a process currently being done manually. The audit said a manual system might have contributed to the disappearance of thousands of dollars from last year's annual tax sale.

"That's going to be my last accomplishment," Logan said. "I want to see that happen so I can leave office feeling good about what I've done."