Alan Wilson

Name: Alan Wilson

Age: 37

Political party: Republican

Years living in area: 37 years, minus 1 year serving in the National Guard in Iraq

Family: Jennifer, wife; two children, Michael (2.5 years old) and Anna Grace (9 months); son of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-West Columbia

Education: B.S., Francis Marion University; J.D., University of South Carolina

Current occupation/employer: Attorney, Willoughby & Hoefer

Employment, military and volunteer history: S.C. National Guard: 1996-present; assistant attorney general, South Carolina; assistant solicitor, Lexington County

Public elected offices: None

Any unsuccessful political campaigns: None

Other political and government experience: None listed

Endorsements received: Majority of South Carolina sheriffs; National Federation of Independent Business; S.C. Fraternal Order of Police; former Attorney General Henry McMaster; former Attorney General Charlie Condon; former Republican primary opponents Robert Bolchoz and Leighton Lord

S.C. Ethics Commission statement of economic interests: Listed $15,529 in personal income from the S.C. Attorney General's Office, $13,072 in personal income from the S.C. Air National Guard

Campaign money raised: $844,488 raised this election cycle as of July 10

1. Why should people vote for you?

South Carolina needs a proven prosecutor to be its chief prosecutor. As a former assistant solicitor and a former assistant attorney general, I am the only candidate with the experience necessary to keep our families and communities safe. That experience is one of many reasons that an unprecedented majority of sheriffs, law enforcement, and current and former prosecutors have endorsed my candidacy for attorney general.

2. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected and how would you address them?

Protecting families. South Carolina's attorney general is its chief prosecutor, chief attorney and chief legal officer. That is why we need an attorney general who will protect families, keep children safe and do everything necessary to combat threats such as gangs, sexual predators, theft, etc. As attorney general, I would work with local law enforcement, sheriffs and solicitors to crack down on gangs, violence, and various threats to our children and way of life.

Defending the Constitution. The attorney general is the attorney for the people and the state. Upon taking office, he raises his right hand and swears to protect and defend the constitutions of both South Carolina and the United States. It's an oath I have taken as a prosecutor and also as a soldier and one I take seriously. As Attorney General, I will stand up to threats to our rights from the current administration in Washington and continue the work of Henry McMaster to combat Obamacare.

Combating cyber crimes. We live in a brave new world and face new challenges each and every day. We need to modernize the technology within the attorney general's office to ensure we have the necessary technology to combat computer crimes. Every day, more and more crimes are being committed online, from sexual predators preying on chat rooms to schemes aimed at stealing the identity and livelihood of our seniors. As attorney general, I will ensure that we combat these crimes and keep families and our communities safe.

3. What other issues do you see as important?

Illegal immigration.

4. What specific steps will you take to make government more open and accessible to the public?

Technology is a great thing and makes it easier and easier to make government fully open and transparent.

5. Have you ever been convicted of a crime (felony), been disciplined by a professional licensing board or organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give details.


6. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your federal, state or local taxes? If so, please give the details.


7. Are there any personal details about yourself that voters would be interested in knowing?

Growing up, I was taught to serve a cause greater than one's self. My three brothers and myself have all gone on to become Eagle Scouts and to serve in our nation's armed forces. As an officer in the National Guard, I saw a tour of duty in Iraq, led troops through enemy fire and came home to continue my service as a prosecutor. I am married to my wonderful wife, Jennifer, have two kids, and currently work in private practice at the firm of Willoughby and Hoefer in Columbia.