Latest SC poll gives Trump big lead

A new 50-state survey shows Hillary Clinton leading nationwide, but it does register strong support for Donald Trump in the Palmetto State.

The GOP nominee has the backing of 49 percent of South Carolina voters, versus 42 percent for Hillary Clinton, according to a national poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and the Washington Post.

The poll results are based on the responses of 894 South Carolina voters sampled by the poll.

Some polls last month showed a tigher race in South Carolina, leading to some excitement among SC Democrats.

If third party candidates are included, Gary Johnson polls at 10 percent in South Carolina and Jill Stein has the support of 3 percent. Their includsion drops Clinton’s support to 38 percent and Trump’s to 45.

Summary results don’t break down demographics by state, but notes Clinton does 19 points better among white college graduates than whites without degrees. Trump almost inverts those numbers among whites without degrees, where he does 18 points better on average. Clinton leads by 23 points among white women with college degrees.

The Post reports Trump leads among college-educated whites in just 13 states, all safe Republican states in recent elections.

In another mirror-image split, Clinton does 31 points better among nonwhite voters than whites in the poll, while Trump does 31 points better among white voters than nonwhites.

The state-by-state numbers are based on responses from more than 74,000 registered voters during the period of Aug. 9 to Sept. 1. The individual state samples vary in size from about 550 to more than 5,000.

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