Untamed Lowcountry

Dolphins, osprey and bald eagles, oh my! Nat Geo show features Lowcountry predators

When you think of the fierce predators of the Lowcountry, bottlenose dolphins probably don’t come to mind.

But after watching a few minutes of Nat Geo Wild’s Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade, you might see those adorable oceanic animals in a different light.

Filmmaker and wildlife enthusiast Filipe DeAndrade captures unbelievable footage of bottlenose dolphins “strandfeeding” in the salt marshes near Folly Beach in the series’ latest episode, which premiered online Tuesday.

Lowcountry dolphins are the only dolphins in the world known for this behavior where they hunt in groups chasing after schools of fish and herding them to the shore.

“When the dolphins are hunting, every bird in the area takes notice,” DeAndrade said, referring to the area as “nature’s buffet.”

The film captures Lowcountry wildlife in its finest form. Schools of fish chased by leaping dolphins emerge from the sea. Then pelicans, osprey, herons and bald eagles from above sweep in on the action, making for fascinating footage.

Each of the 10 episodes of Untamed With Filipe DeAndrade captures a short story of an epic wildlife encounter in the U.S on the network’s YouTube Channel.