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70th birthday party gets the Bluffton touch

Pressly and Pierce Giltner just returned from several fun days in their hometown of Chester. Pressly and Pierce motored north to celebrate the 70th birthday of Pressly's dear papa, Dickie.

Before leaving Bluffton, Pressly picked a boxload of palm fronds, cut lots of sunflowers and then headed to the Bluffton Oyster Factory to buy some of our May River shrimp as a surprise for the party.

Pressly's childhood home is out in the country, which is a good thing. The Hall clan loves parties and can really kick up their heels. In fact, Pressly's brother Tom Hall and his band The Plowboys will be here in Bluffton. The Plowboys will be the featured band at our second annual Boiled Peanut Festival on Aug. 24.

The birthday celebration offered so many delightful treats. Pressly's grandmother, Edith, made fresh creamed corn; there were fresh tomatoes, Bluffton shrimp and grits, lots of cheese biscuits. The piece de resistance was a 7-Up pound cake with fresh peaches, lovingly baked by Dede, Pressly's mama. Late in the night Pressly snuck down to the kitchen and made off with the remains of the cake, so she and Pierce could eat the rest in bed. For two days, Dede kept asking what happened to the rest of the cake. It was discovered who the culprits were when crumbs were found all over their bedroom.

Children, what can you do with them?

Needless to say, everybody had a swell time and who wouldn't with that bunch?

  • I bet most of you love lemonade especially this time of year. Well, let me tell you we in Bluffton have the best lemonade around every Thursday at the Bluffton Farmers Market.
  • Tex Roberts is the "lemonade man." He is the brother of Iva Welton, whose family owned Rose Hill Plantation in the early days of Bluffton development. Iva now lives in Sea Pines and she is an ardent preservationist.

    I first met Tex when he started selling lemonade at the Bluffton Village Festival more than 20 years ago. He still sets up every year at the festival and always has a long line of thirsty customers. The good news is he is in Bluffton every Thursday in back of the Carson Cottages, so stop by his stand and say hello he always has a great story to tell.

    Has anyone had any luck catching crabs big enough to eat? Must be the rainy weather, because everyone I've talked to says they are very small.

  • The PBS series "Downton Abbey" has vintage clothing shops hopping. You will also be able to buy lots of items in demand because of the show, such as wallpaper, furniture and designer clothing. Who knew what a hit the series would be? I can't wait until next year's newest installments.
  • I can't believe you can now buy washable diapers for your pet chickens. There are several online businesses, two of which are Pampered Poultry and Hen Holster. Now you can safely bring your fine feathered pal with you wherever you go ... that old necessity thing again.
  • Don't forget the next dog park meeting at 7 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Bluffton library. The news from the group over the past few months has been disheartening, to say the least. You can help our area dogs get a wonderful place to play and socialize; after all, they can't play tennis or go golfing and then relax at the club.
  • Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.