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Fundraiser to help Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine

The Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine is inviting the public to a Community Matching Grant Fundraiser from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Sept. 27 at The Pine House on Boundary Street in Old Town Bluffton.

The group is a member of 90 independent VIM clinics across America and offers medical services to residents of Bluffton and Jasper County, who either have no insurance or are underinsured and do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.

The group wants to help the "working poor," who may have lost their health benefits for many reasons. Eighty percent of the clients come from Bluffton, with the remaining 20 percent from Jasper County, according to Bluffton-Jasper County Volunteers in Medicine.

In order to continue their services, money must be raised for all sorts of medical supplies and equipment. This party is a chance to match a grant that has been offered for $50,000. Until Oct. 31, every dollar to match the grant must come from individuals and families, not from any other source.

So get on your party clothes and plan to have a great time at Joanie Heyward's home, one of Bluffton's historic digs. Reservations or sponsorship information may be had by emailing Joanie at or by emailing

I look forward to seeing you there!

  • I love stories about animals, as you might have guessed.
  • I recently read about a kitten who survived three weeks trapped in a storage container shipped from China to California.

    The cat when found could not walk, see or make a sound. It was curled up in a ball with its eyes shut and was thought to be dead. The cat was taken to a vet and has made a miraculous recovery.

    He was skeletal when he was found and was very wobbly when he tried to walk. The vet said he survived because he had probably just eaten and is very young. Eighty people applied to adopt him, and one lucky family was chosen to be his new owners. He has been named Ni Hao, which is "hello" in Chinese.

    I love this story because we have several of his kissin' kin who have been plopped in our yard and who have made our lives much happier.

    I can't imagine how this turned out so happily.