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A wonderful trip up North, but always happy to be home

    Remember that old saw, "I'd walk a mil e for a Camel?" Well, I just drove 2,000 miles to eat lobster. My daughter Tat, niece Sarah Paris and yours truly, arrived back in Bluffton on Tuesday night after having driven to Little Compton, R.I., to visit cousins we have never met.

This might sound a bit peculiar, but I have a family that lives all over the world and most never "light" for any long period. Two of my cousins came from Paris, where one of them works at The Louvre and is in charge of all paper exhibits. An uncle lives in Spain and travels the world as an oil geologist. My cousin Bibsy and her husband Leonard Colt live in a restored barn on an old dairy farm in Little Compton. It is a gorgeous setting, everything a beautiful green, with hydrangea bushes of every hue as hedges. There are the loveliest dogwood trees that look as though they are covered with snow because of all the blossoms.

We had the great luck of being there when the Newport Flower Show was going on. The show was held in one of Newport's "gilded mansions," Rosecliff, which has a beautiful terraced front yard on the water. The flower displays and exhibits were spectacular -- all done by local garden clubs and nurseries. The weather was so divine, never going above 80 degrees, with fog in the mornings. We were treated to lots of lobster, scallops and shrimp and feasted on all of it with eyes and tastebuds. My niece Anna Ghys, who is a student in Holland, flew into Providence to join us for several days. We had a glorious time with everyone. The worst part of the trip was being in stopped traffic on the George Washington Bridge in New York for an hour with big trucks weaving in and out. We had a major itch to take a sharp left into New York City, but it quickly subsided in that horrendous traffic.

We are glad to be back amongst our family and friends and are relishing in the fact Bluffton is where we hang our hat.

  • The Society of Bluffton Artists -- SoBA -- has moved to new digs at the corner of Calhoun and Church streets next to Jacob Preston's studio. Their Center for Creative Arts is offering classes this summer for those of you who might want to learn to draw or paint. All of the classes are taught by some of their very accomplished artists and cover several mediums. All classes will be held at their old gallery on Boundary Street. Details: 843-247-2868
  • Our fundraiser for Ted Huffman will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Calhoun Promenade. We will have wonderful foods and drink for purchase and great auction items for sale. We have placed Ted's Piggy Banks around town to collect "spare" change in case you might have some to donate. So feed the "pig"! Join us for food, fun, camaraderie and good music. The Promenade is on the new extension of Calhoun Street in case you are new in town.
  • Thank you to the person who brought me the marvelous tomatoes while I was on my journey North. They were marvelous and so tasty. I have had a great deal of hair-pulling over my "garden." Thank heavens for a gracious soul.
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