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Many rewards for parents whose children have grown

When my children were small there were so many things that seemed to be a great chore. They had to be fed and bathed, of course, and that in and of itself could sometimes be a battle of wits. Also, baby-proofing the house was a real drag because I'd quite often find that something had been done away with that I really needed ASAP. Fast forward to the present and voila: We have a real esprit-de-corps -- grown-ups on our doorstep. People we can actually enjoy and relax with. We love it when they drop by and bring friends over for dinner at the last minute and we hate it when they leave.

My children love to cook -- so that is a really big treat for me The icebox is full of surprises, a good bottle of wine, 2 or 3 pounds of freshly caught shrimp that someone just knew we would love, and, well, the list goes on.

The next milestone will be when one of my chicks informs me they love to do laundry and windows -- then I will really know "I done good."

  • FOT that stands for "Friends of Ted." That would be none other than Ted Huffman of Bluffton BBQ fame who recently underwent a major operation. A group of friends got together to think about how we could help Ted and Donna through this rough patch in their lives. It has been decided that we will have a "pigfest," so to speak on July 10 at the Calhoun Street Promenade. There will be all sorts of fun events, including a silent auction. Various restaurants will sell lots of types of food and drink, and there will be fabulous entertainment by local musicians. If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction or put your hidden talents to work, let us know. We want Ted to know all of us little Bluffton piggies care about him and wish him a speedy recovery You can stop by Bluffton BBQ and say howdy. The Huffmans would love to see you.
  • My daughter Tat plays golf and is actually very good at the sport. I read recently that more than 60 percent of new golfers are women. I am afraid I am a little overwhelmed by the thought of trying to hit that tiny ball into what I think is an invisible hole. Rita Chietera's friend Laney is learning to play golf and she loves it. She also looks marvelous and has lost weight. Maybe I can go with her one day and help fish errant balls out of the lagoons. Tat won a tournament once, which I like to announce when too much talk centers around what kind of clothes or shoes are best to wear on the course. No one pays any attention to me when I mention I saw Arnold Palmer up close once at the Heritage and that he has beautiful blue eyes. I guess I will just be a fly on the wall at the pro shop and hope nobody gets out the fly swatter.
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