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Looking forward to some BLTs -- once the T's grow

Lynn King and I were talking about our favorite things to eat. We both decided that there is nothing better than a good old BLT. Nothing fancy, just white bread and, of course, the B, the L and the T.

Summer is the best time for certain to have this culinary treat. I have begun my preparations. Lynn directed me to a man selling heirloom tomato plants at the farmers market one Thursday. I immediately went over to him and bought two heirloom variety seedlings. The next day I stopped at a garden store and bought potting soil in which to plop my little jewels, went home and planted them straight away. I have been watching them like an old mother hen.

One morning I looked and saw what I thought was an extra leaf on my "babies," but it turned out to be a big, green caterpillar. I was mortified. I plucked it off and threw it as far as I could into the cove.

The fuzzy creature had munched on several leaves during the night, so now my crop is looking a bit tattered. There are three little green orbs forming on the branches, and I see a grand sandwich in my future, if I can keep all of the monsters at bay.

Is there something I can put on my plants to repel creatures that are lurking in the wings? Squirrels won't bother them, I don't think, but the fuzzy caterpillars may appear again. If you know of a chemical of some sort that won't kill us all, please let me know.

This farming business is very stressful but I love it, good thing I only have herbs and two tomatoes to tend -- I would hate to have to admit I don't have a green thumb and making a sandwich with only B and L might be a little odd.

  • By now you must think I am addicted to food. Well, I do love to cook and I do love to eat and I do love to talk about both.
  • My brother Trevor had a housekeeper when he lived in Nashville who was, and still is, a marvelous cook. She has the most wonderful name: Octavene Conquest.

    Mrs. Conquest's grandmother was Kitty Cora Cline, the first woman instrumentalist with The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. She played the dulcimer and was chosen to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame many years ago.

    That has always fascinated me.

    My brother is a busy doctor and he and his wife Cindy have three children whom Mrs. Conquest helped raise and cooked for. There was always a wonderful aroma in the kitchen and always a pie or cake in the oven whenever we visited.

    Mrs. Conquest's grandchildren are becoming famous in their own right -- one as a musician and another as a clothing designer.

    A tireless worker for the less fortunate and a great help to all who might need a little cheer, Mrs. Conquest's church will honor her this weekend at a surprise party. I think it is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. I also think she should let us in on all of her cooking tips and secret recipes.

    There is one cake recipe I am hoping to get -- which I will share with you.