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Everyone needs to have something sparkly in their lives

Guess who didn’t come to dinner?

By now you probably know I was not on the invite list at Buckingham Palace, where President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle visted the Queen last week.

I was looking at the photographs of my dear queen and I think she could spare a few baubles. President Obama looked mighty spiffy in his white tie ensemble and very happy to be part of the fete. I, meanwhile, was thinking how divine I would look in several of those sparkling tiaras.

Most of the ladies around the horseshoe-shaped table â€" it was rather odd looking â€" seemed to be wearing every glittery thing they had in their closet. Of course, so would I if I could get my hands on those sparkling trinkets. Who would miss them? Where do they put them when they are not being worn? I wonder if the butler wears them when no one is looking ...

And then there is always the question of conversation at a royal “do.â€