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Stray cat brings a Mother's Day surprise

For some crazy reason we have been the recipients of several unwanted cats. They have been deposited unceremoniously in our yard in either the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn.

One recent addition to our growing population of puddies arrived about two months ago. No matter how many times we tried to usher the cat quickly out of the yard, it would scamper back. The cat, now known as "Kitty," looked a bit on the plump side, but I thought she had just eaten way too much and was becoming a little pig. It did occur to me and several other close observers, however, that motherhood might be lurking around the corner.

I thought nothing more about the possibility until Mother's Day afternoon when I kept hearing what seemed to be birds chirping under a chair. Odd sound, I thought. There are no birds in this house. You can imagine my surprise when I looked under the chair and found a very proud "Kitty" with her little parcel of two kittens just for me.

The kittens have been moved quite a few times by the new mama because there have been so many visitors to check on their progress. We recently discovered the kittens had fleas, so I made a quick call to Brooke's Bed and Biscuit to find out what to do. Fleas are dangerous to newborn animals because they can cause anemia. Brooke told me to give the kittens a warm bath in Dawn liquid soap, which we did.

Dawn, incidentally, is used also for bathing birds and other animals that have gotten into oily situations, like in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

• While we are on the subject of kittens, here are some things you need to know about a wonderful organization called SNAC:

SNAC is a not-for-profit clinic that spays and neuters all sorts of family pets and rescue animals. This important organization -- the full name of which is Spay-Neuter Alliance & Clinic -- offers affordable spay-neuter fees to those who can not afford it otherwise. This valuable group needs support to help with the rising cost of goods necessary to keep everything up and running. The veterinarians and staff at SNAC have fixed more than 22,000 dogs and cats in the past three years.

It is up to all pet owners to help decrease the number of unwanted cats and dogs born each year in our area. Many unwanted animals are left in shelters -- or other worse things happen to them. You can find out more about this group of caring people by going to, where you can even make an online donation. All contributions are tax deductible and very much appreciated by your furry neighbors.

• The May River Theatre Co. is celebrating its 10th year of entertaining us Blufftonians with a fabulous production of "Chicago," now playing at the Ulmer Auditorium through May 29.

Set in the Roaring 1920s when our little village of Bluffton was in its own heyday this is a "razzle dazzle" production that will have you wishing we still had speakeasys.

The cast is wonderful, so don't miss "All That Jazz." Details: 843-837-7798,

• Palmetto Bluff is offering a summer riding camp for children. There are two sessions, one for ages 5 through 8 and the second for ages 9 through 12. Both sessions include instruction on horse care, riding and educational activities. This would really be a great way to find out if your child really has the riding "bug." The lessons take place at Palmetto Bluff's gorgeous Longfield Stables. Details: 843- 706-9559,,