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Style icons and spy secrets keep things interesting

When I think of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, I think of style -- and how they seem to have left such a wonderful batch of it in their movies and in the clothes they wore.

The people who designed and chose their wardrobes were spot on. It is amazing how Hepburn and Kelly could step out of any of their films and be right on the mark with whatever they were wearing.

Grace Kelly did not make many movies, but each one contains a treasure trove of fashion ideas, I am sure, for many aspiring designers. Audrey Hepburn will live on forever with her black stove pipe pants and crisp white shirts, black flats and giant sunglasses.

Who do you think has got "it" in Bluffton? Is there someone who would get your top vote for stylishness?

  • I love thinking that Julia Child may have been a spy. She may have baked some fabulous secret in one of her tarte tatins. Imagine the possibilty of getting a diagram of the Kremlin in your foie gras or roasted poulet.
  • It was during the Cold War that this supposedly happened so she just might have mixed a secret or two in her cheeses and fruits served for dessert. There may also be a secret meaning in some of the recipes in her cookbook â€" after all, it is quite full of how to do things like truss ducks and chickens. Who knows! She may have really been talking about people.

    I must go back through my book and slowly read every word â€" I might just find a secret code amongst the entrèes!

    Until then, I recommend sticking closely to her recipes, because so far I've found she really knew how to cook and enjoy life â€" which might be the real secret, after all.

  • The Georgia Historical Society has a great new application for iPhone and iPad users. The app allows users to view and find some of the 2,000 historical markers across Georgia, and this device is a wonderful addition that will help travelers who are interested in history.
  • The app is based on GPS coordinates, so it can deliver directions from a current location to whatever marker is being searched. This certainly helps put history at the touch of a button. How many times have you wanted to locate a historical spot or find out more about one? I think this would be a great idea for all states to offer. Children would love it, and the trip would be much more fun.

  • Didn't you love the way Gregory Peck looked as Atticus Finch in the movie "To Kill A Mockingbird"? He wore a pair of tortoiseshell-style spectacles that made him look very intelligent and clever. As a tribute to Mr. Peck and in honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie, Oliver Peoples eyeglass company is introducing a "Gregory Peck" frame. Peck's son, Anthony, owns the original pair. The Peck family is donating their proceeds from sales of the frames to the Los Angeles Public Library. So if you want to look suave, clever and "Peckish," go to or call Barneys in New York City. The frames are $315 each and come in four colors.
  • I was thinking about getting something new to wear for Easter. It is funny how one little new item can make you feel spiffy even if it is only a lipstick. There are several great places to look for new clothes right here in old town Bluffton. I only have to walk a few steps up or down Calhoun Street: Gigi's or Eggs'n'Tricities, Madhouse Vintage Clothing and Calhoun Station are right there. I just have to decide what sort of frock I might like and voila I'm set.
  • If I want to give someone a flower or plant I could nip over to The Garden Gate or the new florist May River Flowers next to Jeff Scott. A bottle of wine and some cheese from Vineyard 55 might hit the spot at Easter dinner.

    I know one thing for sure: The Easter Bunny will be in Bluffton on Calhoun Street from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday. The annual Bluffton Children's Easter Stroll will take place then. So get out your chapeaux and join us. We look forward to seeing young and old alike. The bunny will hop off promptly at noon, so don't be late.