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Recycling idea yields a real 'can'-do herb garden

What do you do with empty tin cans after you have opened them and eaten what is inside? I have what I consider to be a really swell, coolacious idea (actually, I read about this in a recent magazine article): You can use the cans as receptacles for growing plants. This is especially nifty if the cans have colorful labels. I have some green and red Tuttorosso tomato cans that will look pretty nice with herbs sprouting in them.

To use cans in this way, you will first need to poke some holes in the bottom for drainage, add a few rocks and then some potting soil. Good plants to use, I think, would be basil, cilantro, thyme and oregano. These herbs don't grow too tall and are easy to keep alive by simply placing in the sun and watering when needed. An old tray might be good to put under the cans to keep water from damaging anything. If you let your children try this recycled garden idea, maybe next year they could move up to a larger venue.

I can't wait to harvest my can crop and I am looking so forward to eating the fruits of my labor.

• Do you wake when the rooster crows? If you do, there is a walking tour in Savannah that should be on your to-do list. Early Bird Walking Tour of the Landmark Historic District starts at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 22, 23 and 26 at the Davenport House Museum on State Street. Tours are led by the Davenport House director and will focus on the personalities, structures and issues that have enthralled Savannah's preservation movement. Coffee will be served in the garden after each tour. Admission is $20. It will soon be hot and icky, so I think this is a great way for the early bird to get a good cup of coffee and learn a lot about a beautiful city. Details: 912-236-8097,

  • The Carolina-Georgia Border BBQ Cook-Off Festival will be presented April 29-30 in Hardeeville. This is a great idea that could eventually rival the great Florida-Georgia football game held each year in Jacksonville. The greater Hardeeville Chamber of Commerce will present this South Carolina Barbeque Association competition complete with trained and certified judges. If you love barbecue and all the fun that goes with a great party don't miss out. Details: 843-784-3606,
  • I hope you are getting ready for our party April 28 in honor of Prince William and Miss Middleton. Geist Ussery is going to be our court jester. Ladies-in-waiting and their princes are invited to join us as we toast the upcoming wedding. The party will be from 7 to 10 p.m. at Vineyard 55 on Calhoun Street in old town. Donations will be accepted for the American Red Cross' Japanese Disaster Relief fund. I am sure you know the actual wedding takes place in the early morning hours of April 29 -- not to worry, you'll be snug at home in time to watch it.
  • So please come and celebrate with us. Call me at 843-757-3855 for more information.