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Awaiting the first grandchild

We are waiting patiently for word from our son Jamie telling us the time has come to motor over to Savannah.

Our daughter-in-law Lori is at Candler Hospital there producing our first grandchild. We were told several months ago that the baby was to be a girl. There is something very exciting about this.

Could it be that my daughter Tat and I will have another little shopping frenzy in the baby girl side of a store before we set eyes on her? Will she have her mother's beautiful hair and eyes, her father's adorable smile, her Aunt Tat's wonderful, caring demeanor, Uncle Will's sense of humor, Grandfather Don's patience with all of us? I hope for all of the above and, more than that, I am so happy she will have one very big happy family that is grateful to have been given one more chance at helping launch a new life. She will be given her great-grandmother's maiden name of Patterson. One side note, her mother already has bought her a leopard outfit complete with a beret. Now what more does a girl need while cruising around Bluffton?

  • Election Day is going to be a real doozy! I will be up all night waiting to see who is ahead where. The whole country is atwit, I think, with this year's goings on. I have never seen such mean-spirited people in my life. I thought you could get sued if you said such nasty things, but I must be wrong. It is time to clean up and start over. We will have a new governor when you read this, so whomever that may be, good luck. I think you might need a good, old-fashioned rabbit's foot.
  • When we were little we used to ride our bikes everywhere. I loved it. We would leave home in the morning and just ride to our hearts' content. One place we would stop was an old filling station where we would buy a Coke. One day I wanted some chewing gum so I asked if there was any spearmint flavor. The man said all he had was Juicy Fruit. I did not like that type so I said so. The man's reply was, "Look kid, you might as well take it 'cause this time tomorrow you sure as heck won't know the difference." I thought about that for a moment and decided he was probably right. Even now when I have to pick a candy of some sort, I remember that exchange so I can be happy with what is there. Anyway, the man made 5 cents, and I still don't like Juicy Fruit gum.
  • Join us from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at Oscar J. Frazier Park for the annual Bark in the Park "fun"-raiser for the Bluffton Dog Park. It will include all sorts of dog-related fun for people and their pets. Entertainment, food and children's activities will be offered. Call me at 843-757-3855 for information.
  • I belong to an organization called Southern Foodways Alliance. It is a member-supported institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Its mission is to document, study and celebrate the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. If that makes you yawn and feel sleepy, you are in for a real surprise. I have read about all kinds of interesting foods, learned many things about people around us and wanted to hop in the car and go everywhere talked about. If you love our food and all that entails, this organization is for you. Details:, 662-915-5993 or
  • Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.