Potentially dangerous Lady's Island intersection no longer bus stop

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A Lady's Island resident worries something bad is going to happen to one of the 10 to 15 middle-school students who gather before dawn and wait for the school bus near the sharp curve where Colony Garden Road and Brickyard Point Road South intersect.

"As you come around that curve, if you're watching, you're OK," Catherine Carpenter said. "But say you're a mother with a kid in the back seat, and the kid explodes. You're looking behind you, and the results could be tragic."

Beaufort County School District officials have noted Carpenter's concern, and they say the Lady's Island Middle School students aren't supposed to wait there in the first place.

Although the intersection has been a bus stop in years past, it was moved last year to an apartment-complex entrance farther down Colony Gardens Road, school district spokesman Jim Foster said. The stop was moved because district officials felt it was unsafe.

However, that apparently hasn't stopped students from migrating back to their old spot.

Foster said the district has received one call this school year about the students waiting at the intersection.

"This is a case where some students walked farther down the road, and the driver made the decision to pick them where they were waiting," Foster said.

That won't happen again, Foster said: Students congregating at the intersection were told Monday that if they wait there for the bus, they won't be allowed to board, Foster said. Instead, they'll be told to walk back to the designated stop.

The policy starts today, Foster said.

Foster said a representative of Durham School Services, the company that provides the district's bus service, went to the apartment complex after school Monday to tell any students he saw not to wait at the intersection.

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