Gazette College honors for Nov. 1

  • Park University has announced the Beaufort Campus Center Academic Honor List for the recently completed Fall I 2010 term. Those listed achieved a 3.6 grade point average or higher while carrying a full time academic load. Students on the honor list are: Christy Anderson, Iishsha Anthony-Rucker, Jaime Bircher, Claudia Alexa Bokis, Esther Bonney, Andrew Boucher, Brian Branch, Lucile Bryan, Jacqueline Diane Campbell, Rachel Carmack, Arthur Connolly, Max Crider, Adam Dunigan, Phillip Files, Joseph Finn, Shedrick Garrett, Joseph Greenlee, Michael Hernandez, Joseph Iadarola, Kimberly Jirak, Trista Laborn, Ronald Lewis, Crystal Long, Andrew Marshall, Alesha McErvin, Brian McKinney, Jeremiah Miller, Robert Moore, Whidlet Naissance, David Norris, Richard Phifer, Gina Riquier, Amanda Sims, Todd Whittington and Corey Wright.
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