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Man used a folding chair and hoe to fight off dogs in Beaufort area attack, report says

A man was transported to the hospital with “severe puncture wounds” after being attacked by two pit bulls in Dale recently, a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report says.

The man told police he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone outside of his mother’s house, located on Coakley Drive, when the two dogs attacked for no reason..

“(The man) fell to the ground (and) began hitting the two dogs with everything he could get his hands on ,” the report says.. This included a metal folding chair, hoe and his fists.

One of the dogs bit his inner thigh, while the other began trying to bite at the man’s throat, the report says.

The dogs seemed to become disinterested or tired and the man was able to escape into the house.

He was transported to Beaufort Memorial Hospital via ambulance, where deputies interviewed him.

The report notes the man was on heavy pain medication upon deputy arrival.

“There were several severe puncture wounds and abrasions consistent with a dog bite,” the report says.

Deputies contacted Beaufort County Animal Control about the dogs. The mother told deputies she believed the dogs were owned by a relative that lived in the area.