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Beaufort Co. boat fire deemed suspicious, police say

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Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and Port Royal Police Department responded to anonymous call of a boat fire on Marina Boulevard on Thursday afternoon, according to a police report.

A nearby residence owner saw the flames from the boat rise high into a nearby pine tree, says the report.

He told police he knows the boat owner, who lives in Shell Point. He told police the owner had suffered a health condition in the recent past.

The boat had not been moved in approximately five years, the resident told police. Police also noticed a lot of pine straw on the boat, concluding it hadn’t been moved in some time.

Fire officials found battery cables hooked to a battery on the boat, the report says. Fire damage to the rear of the boat damaged any “clues” to the start of the fire, it says.

The official stated the start of the fire appeared unknown and suspicious.