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An invention might soon prevent credit card skimming at Lowcountry gas stations

Paying at the pump can be a risky proposition, with credit card skimmers designed to steal credit and debit card information. Now, according to WTOC, one man is fighting back.

Chris Gilpin invented Gas Pump Sentry, which is designed to prevent the use of skimmers, which are placed inside the pump by criminals, reports WTOC. When a pump is pried open for a skimmer to be placed, an alarm inside the gas station goes off, alerting employees to the criminal activity and telling them which pump was targeted.

Alerts are also sent out through a cell phone app, so even if nobody is working at the time when criminals make their move, someone is still alerted, WTOC reports.

According to Gilpin, his device is being installed at some Florida gas stations, reports WTOC, and some might have it up and running by Aug. 1.

Michael Olinger: 843-706-8107, @mikejolinger