Bluffton Packet

How Bluffton spent its July 4, both downtown and on the water

If I had to make a list of my favorite Bluffton families, the Schultz-Wyman clan would certainly be on it. There isn't a slouch in the bunch when it comes to having a grand old time -- and making sure everyone within shouting distance joins in.

The whole group held a wonderful July 4 celebration at their compound on the banks of the May River, complete with a fabulous one-man band, barbecue feast and scrumptious banana pudding. The merriment lasted into the wee hours with Ed and Carl helping everyone who wanted to dance do so. It was a great start to the long holiday weekend.

* This year, we were invited out on George and Lillian Heyward's boat to watch the Harbour Town fireworks, and the neatest part was being able to see all the other island displays for miles around. Lillian has a new app for her iPhone that shows all of the planets and stars -- and there was a lot to see.

* I learned something about marching bands this week: Marching bands began in the military as a way to make soldiers walk faster from battle to battle. What's more, they had an exact rhythm so commanders could figure out how long it would take troops to get from place to place. Unfortunately, I think our trusty bagpiper at the Bluffton Fourth of July parade, Bill Treacy, has given up on his little "Bluffton troops." At least we get down Calhoun Street without taking too long!

* Bastille Day is today, and every year the French celebrate with a great deal of merriment. If you want to get into the spirit, stop by Claudine's crepe stand at the farmer's market, order a crepe and celebrate Bluffton-style. (You can heat the crepes up later at home if you wish.)

* Will Huffman gave me a ride the other day in his cute electric car, the eZONE. It runs on batteries and is the size of a golf cart. It's fully enclosed, but it has lots of room. To charge it, you simply plug it into your house's electricity. The distance per charge is about 80 miles -- which would be perfect for zpis to Scott's or the shops on Calhoun Street. Find out more at

Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.