Bluffton Packet

Life in the fast (virtual) lane

Clay Riegel and his wife, Louise, haven’t been to a bowling alley in years, but they racked up their fair share of strikes and spares last Sunday.

The couple are part of a lively group of seniors who meet on a monthly basis for a virtual bowling league at the Bluffton library, where two Nintendo Wii game consoles and stereo speakers punctuate the normally silent space with the sounds of balls rolling down hardwood lanes and pins crashing.

“Two or three games hoisting a 16-pound ball might be kind of excruciating now, because we’re not as young as we used to be, but this is great,” Clay Riegel said of the free community event that started in January. “You line it up, let it go and if you can find your spot, you’re in good shape. It’s just like real bowling.”

Albeit, minus the rented shoes and cheap beer crowd.