Parris Island is known for making Marines, and on the recruit depot's 100th birthday, The Beaufort Gazette and The Island Packet pay tribute with a 40-page keepsake section.

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The Crucible
Survive it, and be called a US Marine
The DIs
An up-close look at Parris Island's central characters: Its drill instructors
The training
How recruits become Marines in 13 weeks
Ribbon Creek
This training tragedy changed boot camp forever
100 Facts
We've compiled 100 Parris Island facts for 100 years
100 years of recruits
Profiles of recruits from each decade
Your stories
Did you go through Parris Island? Share your stories
Parris Island has nothing if not traditions
How have they evolved? A gallery
What's there?
A point-by-point interactive tour
The barber
Meet the man who's been shaving heads for 50+ years
The base next door
David Lauderdale explores what makes Parris Island a good neighbor
The mystique
Parris Island crops up frequenly in pop culture
Big impact
Parris Island -- and WWII -- made Beaufort what it is today
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