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Meteorologist Jim Cantore follows recruits at Parris Island

Marine boot camp on Parris Island can be brutal enough with grueling exercise, demanding drill instructors and rigid discipline. On top of that, there's the heat -- don't forget the heat.

The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore -- best known for reporting live in the middle of hurricanes, blizzards and other forms of extreme weather -- explores how the climate can often be a defining and overlooked factor on Parris Island in his series, "Cantore Stories."

His trip to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot airs at 8 p.m. tonight on The Weather Channel.

Cantore follows several recruits through their final 54 hours of training called the Crucible, an intense rite of passage that takes place in stifling summer heat.

The series takes similar approaches to how climate can impact everyday life in its other episodes, which have taken Cantore from the Arctic Circle to Death Valley.