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Marines looking for a few good maps

Students in grades 3-12 can celebrate National Geography Week, Nov. 15-20, by competing in a poster contest sponsored by the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Marines and their families are transferred to serve all over the world. Before they go to a new post, it is helpful for them to know a bit about where they will be living. For the "Mappy Marines" contest, students must create a poster with information about one location where a Marine might serve. The poster must include the following elements: location, climate, physical characteristics and culture. A well-written description must accompany the poster to help the viewer understand all parts of the poster and the subject.

Winners will be selected from the elementary category (grades 3 to 6) and the secondary category (grades 7 to 12). The grand prize is an iPad and a $200 gift card for classroom supplies for the winner's teacher. First prize is a Flip video camera. Second prize is an iPod Shuffle.

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 5. Winning entries will be displayed at the museum in Virginia throughout National Geography Week and on the museum's website.

Details: www.usmcmuseum.com/Education_GeographyWeek.asp; Dr. Barbara Daniels, daniels@marineheritage.org