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Burton woman saves her home from fire

A woman in the Mint Farms community in Burton was able to save her home from a kitchen fire Thursday morning when she used a home extinguisher to put out the blaze.

The woman’s stove caught fire around 7:30 a.m. After calling 911, she was able to put out the fire with the extinguisher, according to a Burton Fire District news release.

The house was smoky when firefighters arrived. They found “found moderate fire damage to the kitchen stove, where a considerable fire had been burning,” according to the release.

The woman said she initially tried to put the fire out with a garden hose, but that only caused the grease to “explode,” the release said. Then she went for her home fire extinguisher and the fire was out by the time firefighters arrived.

The district offers fire extinguisher training for homeowners, businesses or other groups.

For more information or to schedule a class, call 843-255-8011

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