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15 stories for '15: Sale of the Port of Port Royal

The Port of Port Royal.
The Port of Port Royal. File photo

3. Sale of the Port of Port Royal: Finally.

After more than a decade of sitting vacant and several failed purchase attempts, the Port of Port Royal is poised to change hands in 2015 and transform the little town.

The Furman Co. has the 317-acre site under contract for $15.2 million, with a closing set for April. President Steve Navarro has said the company will build a mix of residential and commercial units.

Even if that deal falls through, the land will likely sell in short order. If a contract with another buyer is not negotiated before June 30, the port will be sold at auction, according to legislation passed last spring.

For a community that has hung its future on the redevelopment of the prime waterfront property, a sale would be a lifesaver. Business owners say they've been trying to hang on for the last decade, and a current business owner, former business owner and a developer have sued the S.C. Ports Authority, alleging the stalled sale has hurt the community.