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15 stories for '15: New Beaufort city manager faces full plate

13. New Beaufort city manager faces full plate: When Beaufort's yet-to-be-chosen city manager comes onboard this spring, he or she will find no shortage of projects.

Scott Dadson's contract ends Jan. 31, and advertisements for applicants will go out in mid-January, said human resources director Bill Prokop. A tentative timeline has a new leader in place in May.

If the Boundary Street renovation project goes out to bid in early 2015 -- after new senior projects manager David Coleman starts his role Jan. 5 -- then construction could be underway when the new manager arrives.

A six-month review of Beaufort's parking will wrap up mid-summer, and a task force is expected to come up with recommendations for solving, or at least easing, that ongoing issue.

City staff will also be in the throes of budget season, with a final financial plan in place by June 30. City Council has attempted to postpone raising taxes and fees by trimming costs each year and may be running out of places to cut. The new city manager and a council that includes three new members will have to figure it out.