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Sun City man loses $5,000 in phone scam

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A Sun City Hilton Head man wired $5,000 to a scam artist who claimed to be his grandson, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office report.

The 81-year-old man received a phone call June 12 from someone pretending to be his grandson, saying he was in Las Vegas and had broken his nose in a car accident. The caller asked for $1,000 for bail, the report said.

The victim purchased two $500 Green Dot Money Pak cards at a drug store. The scammer called back an hour later, and the victim gave him the card numbers.

The scammer, still claiming to be his grandson, called back twice June 13, saying he needed an additional $4,000 sent by Green Dot Money Pak. The victim again purchased the cards at a drug store, the report said.

"This scam preys heavily on elderly victims," Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Robin McIntosh said.

Anyone receiving such calls should contact authorities immediately, according to the Sheriff's Office.