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County patrol car damaged, officer attacked during arrest

Justin Chin
Justin Chin

An irate Bluffton man kicked a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office patrol car Saturday, causing about $400 in damages before lunging at an officer, according to a crime report released Tuesday.

Deputies were called to the Hilton Head Hospital emergency room at about 4:15 a.m. after Justin Chin, 23, began yelling and cursing, the report said.

Chin, who already faced a Bluffton Police Department warrant for an earlier assault and battery charge, left the hospital before officers arrived.

Chin told hospital staff he was going to another hospital for treatment of a cut on his hand. Deputies caught up with him at a convenience store off Gumtree Road.

After he was placed in the back of the patrol car, Chin "became irate," cursing officers and kicking the window and rear protective bars, according to the report.

An EMS unit arrived to treat Chin's hand. Bluffton police officers arrived to serve the earlier arrest warrant.

Chin again began kicking the inside of the car, the report said.

When an officer opened the door, Chin allegedly lunged at him. The officer put Chin in a headlock, "hip tossed" him to the ground, and with the help of other officers, put him in leg restraints, according to the report.

Chin suffered a cut lip during the struggle and was taken back to Hilton Head Hospital for treatment.

Deputies also found a small bag of marijuana on Chin, the report said.

He was charged with first-degree assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property and simple possession of marijuana. He is being held at the Beaufort County Detention Center, with bond set at $27,750.