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Deputy draws gun after teen pulls BB gun

A Beaufort County sheriff's deputy drew his gun late Sunday and nearly fired at a teenager who drew a BB gun from his waistband, according to a Sheriff's Office report.

The already tense situation near The Beach House, a Holiday Inn Resort on Hilton Head Island, escalated after a drunken man with a hearing impairment interfered in the incident, the report said.

Deputy Curt Evans said he saw three male juveniles shooting fireworks at about 11:57 p.m. Sunday. After approaching them, one of the teens said he wanted to admit something and pulled his shirt up to show a pistol handle in his waistband. The teen then quickly removed the gun and refused to drop it, the report said.

Evans said in the report that he drew his weapon and nearly fired it when the teen yelled that it was a BB gun.

At about the same time, an "extremely intoxicated" man wandered into the situation and refused to leave despite more than two-dozen requests from the deputy. The man walked within a few feet of the officer and was "dancing around him" and shouting as he tried to deal with the teens.

The man, who is hearing impaired and apparently suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, was released into his wife's custody, the report said.

The juveniles were arrested and later released into their parents' custody. The department did not identify the teens, say what they were charged with or where they were from.