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WTOC VIDEO: Beaufort chamber renews push for S.C. film incentive bill

The film incentive bill has stalled on the floor of the South Carolina Senate, and Beaufort County Chamber of Comerce has renewed its push to get it passed.

They said the bill is not just good for the economy, but for small-town dreams as well.

Michael Hudson got his start on the set of "Forrest Gump." He said it was the best opportunity of his life.

"It was amazing. I was in the right place at the right time," he said.

Hudson was on a fishing boat when he was approached by a filmmaker. He said that conversation ended with him doing special effects for "Forrest Gump." At the age of 29, his dreams were coming true.

Hudson has worked on countless movies since then, and now he's doing special effects for the show "Army Wives," which is filmed in Charleston.

"There's so many jobs that this creates, and it would be such a great thing if we could get the film industry back here," said Hudson.

This is why Hudson is a huge supporter of the film incentive bill. He has joined forces with the chamber to urge people in the Lowcountry to reach out to their lawmakers in Columbia.

Hudson and chamber members said this bill is extremely important to Beaufort County.

"We know that films will be back here in Beaufort County before it is anywhere else in South Carolina, so it's really important to us," said Blakely Williams, the executive director of the chamber.

With the bill stalled in the Senate, there's no telling if it will be voted on or not. The chamber said the only thing they can do is ask voters to reach out to lawmakers to support the bill.