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County resident looks to Port Royal for annexation advice

Property owner Al Marchant looked to Port Royal officials for help Wednesday in deciding whether to ask the town to annex his land.

Marchant, owner of Al's Military Barber Shop at 881 Parris Island Gateway, had been asked by adjoining landowners if he wanted to join their annexation and rezoing efforts.

The intent is to create a larger area of land in the same municipality with the same zoning, said attorney David Tedder, who represents the other owners.

Clarice Murphy owns 5 and 7 Marina Blvd., while Elaine Anderson owns Wayside Mobile Home Park on Wayside Drive. The Murphy properties are asking to be annexed. Both owners want to be zoned for general commercial use. The mobile home park is already in Port Royal.

"We would like to try to do something together because we haven't been able to do anything apart," Tedder said.

Marchant said he had been asked to join the effort, but was unsure if he should. Town planner Linda Bridges told him his taxes will go up, but was unable to provide an exact amount.

Marchant said he has owned the building for 23 years, and would like the property to have its best possible value when he retires.

"I was told my property would be more valuable to me," he said.

Council members did not advise Marchant, though councilman Joe Lee said annexation would bring town services.

The annexation and rezoning of the other properties will be voted on by council for the first time Wednesday. The Metropolitan Planning Commission recommended the town accept the changes to the Marina Boulevard lots, but did not recommend changing the zoning at the mobile home park.

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