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Conservative comic looks for laughs at gathering Monday

Prominent comedians tend to lean Democratic, but conservative humorist Eric Golub says you don't have to be liberal to be funny.

Take the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters camped out in lower Manhattan. If you can't find something funny about that ragtag band, Golub jokes, you're just being lazy.

"This is not the 'Million CPA March,' " he said. "There are not conservatives descending on Wall Street right now unless they're trying to get into their offices."

Golub is scheduled to speak Monday at an event hosted by the Republican Women of Southern Beaufort County.

"I like to call him the Republican answer to Bill Maher," said Jocelyn Staigar, the group's president.

Golub worked at a brokerage firm in Los Angeles before he began blogging and appearing at political events. He said he hit the speaking circuit full time in 2009 and now travels perhaps 250-300 days a year.

"I just failed my way higher and higher," he said. "My advice to people is just have your life be one glorious accident."

He has spoken at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, warmed up an Iowa crowd before a speech by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and entertained a Texas group he lovingly describes as "800 pistol-packing women."

But residents don't need to love guns or red meat to get a kick out of a good, conservative joke, Staigar said.

"Our nation is just so volatile; it doesn't matter what political affiliation you are," she said. "We just thought it would be nice to give some comedic relief."

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