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Port of Port Royal plan advances

With initial approval for port development granted by the town council, Port Royal officials, residents and the Port Royal Redevelopment Group will start hashing out details.

The council approved a first reading of the proposed port property development during Wednesday's meeting, but most members said they want to learn more before the final vote, which could come as early as next month. Three public hearings and at least two council meetings with time for public comment will come first.

Councilman Vernon DeLoach was the only member to vote against the first readings of the plan.

"We can't approve this thing if we don't know what we're approving," he said.

Councilwoman Mary Beth Heyward, however, pushed for the vote so the ordinance would be "on the books" and public hearings could start. Developer Jeff Pinckney made presentations Oct. 5 and at Wednesday's meeting.

"I just think we have to get a point where we can finally sit down and discuss it," Heyward said. "I think that trying to make demands now before we even have the first reading is not proper."

Two earlier plans for the approximately 52 acres have been unsuccessful.

Resident David Kell said he supports most of the current plan but wants it less conceptual and more concrete.

"I'm sure it's going to be beautiful when they're through but I'd just like to have a better feel for what we're going to do," Kell said.

Resident and Realtor Sing Pappas again asked that the London Avenue Park be preserved. Drawings indicate some buildings could be put on part of the land and London Avenue rerouted through it. About 10 acres are set aside as a park.

"This land is far too valuable, and we've got to save it," she said "Please don't ruin it."

Among the details sought:

  • A defined street plan
  • Specifics about what types of housing will go where
  • Building height limits
  • The design of London Avenue Park
  • Designs for a dry-stack boat storage facility and a time limit on its usage
  • Plans for the cemetery near 13th Street
  • Marina parking
  • A traffic study
  • Limits on what commercial properties can go where.
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