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Don't want the Port Royal post office to downsize: Write a letter!

Port Royal Mayor Sam Murray and the president of the local letter carriers union have one message for residents upset about the planned downsizing of the town's post office: write a letter.

"(I'm) real concerned about the clerks, if they're going to be transferred somewhere else," Murray said Wednesday during a town council meeting. "Hopefully they'll have a job somewhere else."

Murray urged residents to get involved. "... anything you can do to help out these people, I'd appreciate," he said.

The Port Royal branch is set to downsize to one employee Nov. 19, leaving only Postmistress Carolyn Warren at the site. Two carriers will work out of the Burton branch. It is not clear what will happen to two clerks.

While he did not attend Wednesday's meeting, Ronald Stavac Jr., president of the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 3262, offered his support -- via a letter sent by the post service. Stavac encouraged residents to contact U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-West Columbia, and ask him to support HR 1351, a bill to change how post office pension payments are calculated.

Stavac contends that the some of the problems facing the postal service are the result of a federal requirement that the agency pre-fund its pension at a cost of $5.5 billion annually for 10 years, starting in 2007. That pre-funding requirement is at least partially responsible for downsizing and closing branches across the country, the union has said.

Closer to home, Murray provided information about who to contact to voice an opinion.

" Write them a letter so they get some mail," he suggested.

The postal service contacts are:

  • Eric Chavez, North Florida District manager
  • 904-858-6605

    P.O. Box 40005

    Jacksonville, FL 32203-0005

  • Linda Welch, Southwest Area vice president
  • 214-819-8650

    P.O. Box 225459

    Dallas, TX 75222-5459

  • Ron Jarrell Jr., Post Office Operations manager
  • 904-858-6554

    P.O. Box 40005

    Jacksonville, FL 32203-0005

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