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County Council committee declines to intervene for Lt. Dan Weekend

About a dozen supporters of the Lt. Dan Weekend urged the Beaufort County Finance Committee on Monday to overturn a county board and allocate accommodations-tax money to the event.

The Independence Fund, sponsor of the Lt. Dan Weekend, applied for money from the county Accommodations Tax Board, which reviews funding requests for tourism-related events. But the board recommended zero funding for the event because organizers submitted a "poor application."

The event brings injured veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to Beaufort for a four-day weekend and a concert with actor Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band.

Kent Fletcher, who spoke on behalf of event organizers, said any of them would gladly "wake up tomorrow morning at 0500" to fix whatever problems the application had.

The committee declined to overturn the ATAX board's recommendation, but there will probably be another round of funding this year, members said. Several council members spoke against giving some groups special treatment or consideration for funding outside the ATAX process.

"It just wouldn't be fair," said Councilman Steve Baer. "So I think six months from now, they have a good shot if they fill out a good application."

Councilman Stu Rodman said county staff can probably assist the group if there are problems filling out the application.

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