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Economic challenges lead to restructuring at TCL

A reorganization at the Technical College of the Lowcountry announced Wednesday includes consolidation of some departments and shifting some departments to new areas.

Among the changes:

  • The continuing-education department has been moved to academic affairs and will be lead by Rebecca Bass, who began the contract position Sept. 1 after Harriett Hilton retired.
  • Kenneth Flick, who formerly served as dean for business technologies, was named dean for business and industrial technologies.
  • An institutional-advancement department has been created, combining the Technical College of the Lowcountry Foundation, which raises private funds to help the college, and grants administration. The new department is lead by Dianne Garnett, the executive director of the foundation.
  • A marketing and enrollment-management department has been established. It follows a student, from his or her college entrance as a prospect through registering for classes, TCL spokeswoman Leigh Copeland said. The department is lead by vice president Nancy Weber.
  • The changes were at least partially the result of belt-tightening, officials said.

    "During times of economic challenge, institutions face opportunities to examine current operations and consider options to gain a stronger competitive position," President Tom Leitzel said in an email.

    He added that the new structure emphasizes quality "by matching individual talents and capabilities to the functions they perform." It also recognizes the school needs to generate revenue to provide a quality curriculum and student services.

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