Beaufort News

Teens disrupt school at Robert Smalls

Two incidents that could result in criminal charges created disturbances at Robert Smalls Middle School, according to reports from the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

On Aug. 23, two 13-year-old girls fought after arguing in the hall. The attacker told deputies the other girl was "talking a bunch of trash about her," so she grabbed her hair and swung her to the floor, the report states. A hall monitor and staff broke up the fight.

Initially, the victim's mother declined to press charges but changed her mind the next day after seeing that the attacker posted comments on Facebook about beating up her daughter, the report states.

The school suspended the attacker, who is now facing third-degree assault-and-battery charges.

Then on Thursday, a teacher told deputies a 14-year-old boy who was roaming the halls disrupted his class. When the teacher told the boy to get out of his classroom, the boy "got up in his face" and "was acting like he wanted to strike him," the report states.

The boy was suspended for two days, according to the report. His mother is also seeking to have the boy declared an incorrigible child. She told deputies her son's behavior has worsened every day and he "will not listen to her or do what he is told."