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The Local Life: Beaufort tapped to host preservation leaders in 2012

Historic Beaufort Foundation is pleased to announce that in May of 2012, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the foundation will host Preservation Leadership Training in Beaufort.

Preservation Leadership Training emphasizes the most up-to-date, effective preservation techniques, including training in current preservation practices, issues and action strategies. The weeklong program will include classroom lectures, tours, team projects, role playing and participatory learning experiences. The city will serve as a living laboratory for preservation issues. In addition to classroom sessions, participants will study issues related directly to Beaufort. Proposals developed from these studies will outline optimal uses for the subject buildings and contribute to the vitality of Beaufort and the community as a whole.

Preservation Leadership Training is held once a year. Among past cities to host the training are Portland, Maine; Birmingham, Ala.; Mount Vernon, Va.; and Astoria, Ore. The program is specifically designed for community leaders who are in positions to influence preservation activities in their states, regions, towns and neighborhoods.

Participants typically include staff and volunteer leaders of private, nonprofit preservation organizations, staff of state and local government agencies and members or staff of commissions from across the country. National, state and local experts in preservation and organizational development comprise the workshop faculty. They will give the 50 select preservation professionals a balanced national perspective and a network of statewide and local resources for the future.

The intensive weeklong program is tentatively scheduled for the middle of May 2012. Go to the foundation's website ( for updates and for ways to be involved in the training.


The National Trust for Historic Preservation ( is a nonprofit national membership organization bringing people together to protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them. By saving the places where great moments from history -- and the important moments of everyday life -- took place, the trust helps revitalize neighborhoods and communities, spark economic development and promote environmental sustainability.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., the trust provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources to a national network of people, organizations and local communities committed to saving places, connecting us to our history and collectively shaping the future of America's stories.

Historic Beaufort Foundation is a local partner of the National Trust. Engaging a broad base of the American public in historic preservation cannot be accomplished by any one organization. It takes a collaborative effort -- bringing together the mission, interests, skills, activities and resources of hundreds of groups and entities across the country at national, state and local levels.

The trust's partners network provides nonprofit groups like Historic Beaufort Foundation a forum for sharing model practices, solving organizational problems and improving their effectiveness. Affiliated organizations place high value on the opportunity to learn from each other and gain credibility in their direct association with a large national organization like the National Trust.