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A timeline of problems at Cancer Check America

  • February: Cancer Check America begins operating on Hilton Head Island; leases space and equipment from Advanced Imaging, 460 William Hilton Parkway.
  • March 22-23: Inspectors from Nevada Radiation Control Program say Heart Check America's Las Vegas site, owned and operated by the same family that runs Cancer Check America, violated law by doing scans without a physician's order. Letter of violation sent to Heart Check America. Letter also goes to the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners and states where the company operates, including Illinois, California, Colorado and Washington, D.C.
  • April 11-14: Colorado health officials begin inspection of Heart Check America's Denver site; subsequently order site to only scan patients referred by doctors.
  • April 20: Follow-up inspection at Las Vegas site results in another citation for not addressing issues related to physician orders and radiation safety.
  • April 25: Colorado orders Heart Check America to stop all scanning.
  • May 2: Colorado cites Heart Check America for not having a state-licensed physician at the Denver facility to oversee radiation-safety.
  • May 4-5: Colorado health officials send letter to Colorado Board of Medical Examiners outlining concerns about Heart Check America's practices. Colorado officials learn Heart Check America has closed its Denver site.
  • May 9: Nevada officials learn the Las Vegas site has ceased operations.
  • May 11: Nevada officials order Heart Check America to cease operations until violations involving X-ray equipment are addressed. S.C. public-health officials notified by Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors and by Colorado officials about Haddad family's involvement with both Heart Check America and Cancer Check America.
  • May 13: Cancer Check America ceases operations on Hilton Head.
  • May 16: S.C. health officials inspect Advanced Imaging on Hilton Head, where CT scans for Cancer Check America were performed.
  • May 26: S.C. health official cites Cancer Check America for not documenting radiation safety protocol. Company not cited for performing scans without a physician's order, but a letter goes to S.C. Board of Medical Examiners expressing concerns with the company's practices.
  • June 23: Illinois Attorney General files a complaint against Heart Check America for "unfair and deceptive business practices."
  • Source: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Illinois Attorney General's Office; Nevada State Health Division; South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control