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Career center recognizes 125 graduates

The Beaufort-Jasper Academy for Career Excellence recognized its 125 graduating seniors in a ceremony Friday at the Okatie-area school.

Speakers: The academy's 2010-11 Teacher of the Year Colleen Price and director Chris Dinkins.

Director's Award recipient: Sierra Chaplin participated in the early childhood education program and plans to continue studying at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.

Director's Award recipient: Michael Daley participated in the welding program and plans to either pursue a career in the military or as a firefighter.

From the principal: The "Class of 2011 will have the honor and distinction of being the first class to graduate from the 'new and improved' ACE. This class has endured much this year. Through it all, they have continued to work hard and remain focused on completion. Their resolve has strengthened my resolve. I will remember their camaraderie and the manner in which they approached all tasks." -- Director Chris Dinkins

Class of 2011:

Acton, Dezireae

Albanese, David

Andaverde, Jon

Anderson, Tommy

Belman, Ana

Blood, Christopher

Boles, Tyreece

Bonaparte, Crystal

Bowers, Janetta

Boyatt, Danielle

Brisbane, Aleshia

Brown, Anthony

Brown, Antsley

Brown, Kadeem

Bryant, Sheena

Burrison, Jessica

Buss, Connor

Byers, Cassandra

Carbajal, Katerin

Carter, Brittany

Chambers, Samuel

Chaplin, Antoine

Chaplin, Saxby

Chaplin, Sierra

Charest, Tyler

Chavarria-Lobo, Marcos

Clark, Darrin

Clark, Sheniqua

Clontz, Eric

Daley, Michael

Dixon, Brittany

Dominquez, Mariela

Dos Santos, Miguel

Duncan, Deshon

Eaton, Blake

Edwards, Arielanna

Epperson, Catherine

Essenmacher, David

Evans, Daniel

Fadden, Regina

Femia, Jasmine

Ferlo, Leo

Fields, Joe

Florencio, Karla

Floyd, Andrea

Fripp, Alexis

Fripp, Corey

Gant, Naaila

Garrett, Kayla

Givens, Marquis

Goff, David

Gomez, Geovanny

Grageola, Lillia

Greene, Alethea

Greene-Baker, Tanesha

Greene-Linyard, Paul

Guerrero, Aaron

Hannon, Taylor

Henderson, Nesby

Heyward, Jamal

Hobler, Melanie

Horton, Brandon

Huerta, Israel

Huerta, Leticia

Hugue, Raven

Hyman, Siquoia

Jackson, Larry

Jenkins, Daniel

Kaley, Nathan

Langdale, Courtney

Lawton, Devon

Lee, Wilson

Lewis, Charlotte

Life, Candice

Lobo, Rachel

Martinez, Norman

Mattis, Michael

Mendez, Karla

Mendez, Ossiel

Metz, Ashley

Midence, Julio

Mikell, Tyboshe

Miller, Tiffany

Morales, Velinda

Nicotri, Nicholas

Nix, Shimira

Quesada, Jean

Ramirez, Abril

Reynolds, Marshi

Richardson, Melinda

Rojas, Maria

Russell, Laquisha

Sanchez, Amber

Sanders, Kevin

Sanford, Jessica

Scott, Tasia

Simmons, Sharonda

Simpson, Lateefah

Singleton, Tonya

Smith, Makail

Smith, Zachary

Smith, Zacobia

Souter, Donald

Staten, Kendrick

Steele, Helen

Stewart, Jamel

Stokes, Latisha

Stoney, Sherell

Toenniessen, William

Turrubicates-Torres, Oscar

Verheyden, Travis

Villalta, Delmy

Wallace, Thomas

Washington, Brandon

Washington, Kori

Washington, Shantel

White, Renee

Williams, Princess

Williams, Taylor

Woodruff, Taylor

Wright, Damorra

Yaw, Brandon

Young, Loretta

Young, Monthieth

Young, Sylvestori