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Estranged wife of former NBA star injured in golf cart towing incident

The estranged wife of incarcerated ex-NBA star Jayson Williams received minor injuries last week after she and a $12,000 golf cart tumbled to an Okatie road from a moving trailer.

Tanya Young-Williams told Beaufort County Sheriff's Office deputies May 10 she saw Charles Houston and Michael Walters outside her Berkeley Hall home loading her golf cart onto a trailer, according to a sheriff's office incident report.

She told deputies she jumped on to the trailer when Houston began to drive away. After pulling off on a side street near the intersection of U.S. 278 and S.C. 170, Young-Williams claims Houston hit the brakes and then quickly accelerated, breaking the chain that held the cart in place and causing her and it to fall from the trailer, according to the report.

Walters disputes that narrative.

He said Thursday that the divorcing couple's assets are in receivership, and that he and Houston were taking the damaged cart to be appraised. Houston told police he has power-of-attorney over all of the property at the Berkeley Hall home, the report states.

The men were loading the cart when Young-Williams confronted them "screaming and hollering," Walters said, "like a maniac."

Walters said Young-Williams jumped on and off the trailer several times as they drove slowly through the neighborhood. He said he did not know she was still on board when Houston ultimately drove away.

"We thought that was the end of it," Walters said. "We didn't realize she was still on the trailer."

As they turned off S.C. 170 into a gas station, Young-Williams hit the back of the vehicle with a board, Walters said. He said Young-Williams then freed the golf cart and "pushed it right off." .Young-Williams could not be reached Thursday, but she told the New York Daily News that Houston no longer has power of attorney.

Walters disputes this claim.

There are documents which claim power of attorney for another individual, he said, but he contends they are falsified and do not bear Jayson Williams' real signature.

The responding deputy noted a chain on the trailer that had a broken link, according to the police report.

Young-Williams requested treatment for her injuries, which the report describes as scrapes on her knees and elbows. She was taken to Coastal Carolina Hospital.

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sgt. Robin McIntosh said the incident is still under investigation.

In Feburary 2010, Jayson Williams was sentenced to five years in prison in the accidental shooting death limo driver in New Jersey in 2002.