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Anonymous warning brings extra police patrols to county engineering employee's home

An anonymous letter that warns a Beaufort County Engineering Department employee to stop talking about a former colleague who is suing the county has prompted the Sheriff's Office to send extra patrols to the employee's house.

The employee received the letter, which was typed and bore no return address, on May 6, according to a Sheriff's Office incident report. The letter apparently refers to Doug Trogdon, a surveyor who filed a wrongful termination suit after he was laid off last year. The employee, who refused to comment Tuesday, told authorities he thought the letter was sent by another worker in the engineering department, according to the report.

Trogdon said Tuesday he was unaware of the incident, had not been contacted by police, and does not know the sender's identity.

According to the report, the single-page letter warned the employee not to: "keep running your mouth! Guess you don't know that Doug is a friend of mine and everything I overheard you say I am planning to let him know. I will also testify! Man you got a big mouth!"

The employee told police in the report that last year's layoffs had "caused controversy in the department." The Sheriff's Office placed his residence on "extra patrol" for one week, according to the report.

Trogdon said someone did call him "out of the blue" about comments allegedly made by the man. Trogdon said his lawyer is taking an affidavit from that individual about the alleged remarks.

But Trogdon does not believe that person sent the letter; nor is that person a county employee, he said.

County engineering and infrastructure director Rob McFee declined to comment Tuesday about whether the incident might lead to an inquiry or disciplinary action in his department.