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Gazette Thank You Letter for April 25

To good Samaritan

Recently, after making a transaction at a local ATM, my debit card fell out of my wallet, unbeknownst to me.

Shortly thereafter and before I realized it was missing, I received a call from Ann Smith to notify me she had found my debit card at the ATM. Ann initially began looking for me to return the card, even visiting a nearby restaurant and approaching strangers to see if they were me. When she realized I wasn't in this restaurant, she located a phone book and called me.

When I had not returned her call (having not gotten the message yet), she tried calling yet again. This time we connected, and I was able to go by and pick up my card the next morning at Stokes Used Cars where she works as a salesperson.

Ann truly went above and beyond in the effort she put forth to return my card to me, and I am sincerely grateful. I applaud her honesty and integrity. She is a true good Samaritan.

David Musselman