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Gazette Thank You Letters for March 14

For a great stay

I came to Beaufort in January 2008 when given the opportunity to be a part of Copeland Funeral Service. I didn't know anyone and was unsure how I would be received by the people in this beautiful little town. Like so many others who come here -- for retirement, for job-related relocation or just visiting for the first time -- I found it impossible not to fall in love with the area's people, history, hospitality and beauty.

I will be leaving soon and could not do so without expressing my sincere gratitude to all the families that have allowed me to be a part of their lives during a most difficult time. I thank the families for their letters of appreciation and notes of encouragement. My stay here has filled my heart with love from so many people and I will always be grateful for that. I will always have fond memories of Beaufort.

Bill Stephens


To Fripp Island

Friends of Caroline Hospice would like to recognize and thank the Fripp Island community and the Fripp Island Women's Club Outreach Committee.

On Feb. 4, the committee transformed the Community Center into a Western wonderland for the "Bingo, Beer and BBQ" event to benefit Friends of Caroline Hospice. More than 140 Fripp residents donned their cowboy attire and came out to play bingo, feast on barbecue provided by Jason Dangerfield of Cooking Just for Fun Catering and support the group.

Fripp Island has a long history of support to us. Veronica Tovey was a Fripp resident when she started Friends of Caroline Hospice more than 31 years ago. We are thrilled to have the support of Fripp for yet another outstanding fundraiser.

Friends is so thankful for the generosity of those who worked so hard in planning and running this amazing event. It provided a wonderful kick-off to the group's new signature event, Bands, Brews & BBQ, a South Carolina Barbeque Association-sanctioned cook-off that took place Feb. 25-26 at the Beaufort Town Center.

Worth Liipfert


Friends of Caroline Hospice

Port Royal

To police deputies

On March 2, my wife and I were the victims of a second-degree robbery at our residence. Within minutes of notifying 911, a pair of deputies from the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office arrived, led by Cpl. Steven Michalski.

After describing the suspects, they determined they had observed the same people in another area close by. One deputy was dispatched to attempt to apprehend the suspects, while Michalski remained at our residence and began a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the robbery. He took the time to explain what he planned to do and all of the details of why it was necessary to do each step.

In the meantime, the other deputy called to report that the suspects had been apprehended and asked if we thought we could identify any of them, which we did.

As Michalski proceeded with his investigation, he kept us abreast of what was transpiring and made sure we did not have any questions and that my wife was not too upset. He explained what procedures would be followed at the arraignment the next morning.

Later that evening, he returned with Sgt. John Kelleher to check on us, and again explained what the proceedings would be at the suspects' bond hearing. We would like to thank the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office for its fine staff of deputies and all the thankless hours of hard work that they do.

Ronald and Wanda Cady


For supporting teams

The 13th annual American Legion Ospreys' Invitational golf tournament played Feb. 25 at The Legends of Parris Island Golf Course was one of our most successful tournaments to date. More than $7,800 was raised in support of Beaufort's American Legion baseball teams, the Ospreys and Osprey Juniors.

Members of Beaufort's American Legion posts and the Ospreys appreciate the efforts of all who worked on the tournament. Space limitations preclude naming all who helped, but we would be remiss if we did not mention the staff of The Legends and the Sand Trap restaurant. As always, they did a superb job.

The Beaufort business community has willingly supported Osprey tournaments in the past, and this year was no exception. More than 100 local businesses participated as sponsors, providing merchandise for prizes or making donations directly. The tournament could not have been held without that generous support.

Of equal importance has been the support of Beaufort residents who have played in our tournaments. This year the success of the tournament was ensured by the 78 golfers who participated. Our thanks to all who played and our congratulations to the Ben Gecy, Bobby Gecy and Keith Potts, members of the team that won with a record score of 53.

I look forward to personally thanking all who worked on, sponsored and participated in the tournament. Hopefully, I'll be able to do so at an Ospreys' game.

Thanks to your generosity, the Beaufort Ospreys can look forward to another season of competitive American Legion baseball.

George Miller

Athletic director

Beaufort American Legion