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Hardeeville's attorney to take city manager reins, for now

Dennis Averkin, Hardeeville's interim city manager and the latest in a string of city leaders to resign, said Wednesday he has taken the No. 2 post with the city of Walterboro.

Averkin, who spurned Hardeeville's attempts to keep him, appointed city attorney David Tedder to be the city's acting manager.

Averkin expects city council will confirm Tedder at its meeting March 3.

"I would assume they will confirm him because there really isn't anyone else who can act in that capacity," Averkin said.

Tedder said the city is sifting through resumes and should have a new manager soon.

Averkin, also Hardeeville's finance director, resigned Friday, less than a month after he was named interim city manager following Ted Felder's resignation.

Averkin said "dysfunction" in the city's government prompted his resignation.

His said Tuesday will be his last day working for Hardeeville. He will become director of finance and administration in Walterboro, which he said is poised to grow.

Averkin said his pay in Walterboro, the Colleton County seat, will be similar to what he received in Hardeeville -- about $73,000.

"It's probably just more than anything an opportunity to work in a more stable environment," Averkin said.

Felder, who was the city's economic development director, was named interim city manager in November 2009 after Kevin Griffin resigned. Felder then was named city manager in April.

Griffin succeeded Shane Haynes, who had run the city for more than five years before resigning in 2008.