Beaufort News

Man reports theft of oysters

Investigators couldn't crack a case in which a 45-year-old man reported two buckets of oysters missing from his home on St. Helena Island.

The victim told Beaufort County sheriff's officials he bought two, 5-gallon buckets of oysters Tuesday from a man who rides a bicycle around the area, according to an incident report.

The victim was planning to eat the oysters, for which he paid $15, after work Friday, according to the report. When he returned home about 4 p.m. that day, however, both buckets had disappeared from his front yard.

The victim summoned authorities Saturday, saying he suspected the seller had stolen back the oysters and re-sold them to the victim's brother the day before.

The brother reported buying oysters in gray and white buckets matching the description of those missing from the victim's yard.

The victim and his son could not identify the seller but provided directions to where they thought he lived.

A sheriff's deputy was unable to find the home, according to the report.