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Burton man faces attempted murder charge

A 21-year-old Burton man was arrested Saturday and charged with attempted murder after the gun he allegedly pointed and shot at his cousin didn't fire.

Deputies arrived at a home on Roseida Road shortly after 1:25 a.m. Saturday and saw two men wrestling in the front yard, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office report.

Two witnesses and a victim told deputies that one of the men wrestling had tried to shoot his cousin.

According to the witnesses, Elijah K. Clark was dating a girl who lived at the home and had been there earlier in the night, smelling strongly of alcohol.

After he was told to leave, Clark allegedly came back and began banging on the doors. Another resident inside the house called Clark's cousin for help.

The cousin told deputies once he arrived, Clark started bumping and harassing him. When he started to call for help, Clark pulled out a small silver pistol and pulled the trigger, the cousin told deputies.

When the gun didn't fire, the victim knocked it from Clark's hands and wrestled him until deputies arrived, according to the report.

A witness picked up the gun and gave it to deputies. It was not loaded.