Beaufort News

Aggressive stray dog still roaming Sun City

Animal-control officers spent several hours chasing a pit-bull mix in Sun City Hilton Head on Friday but were unable to trap it, according to Beaufort County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Robin McIntosh.

The dog was part of a pack of strays spotted roaming the neighborhood in past weeks.

Animal-control officers tranquilized and captured a pit bull Thursday, in addition to a pit-bull mix they trapped three weeks ago.

With two pack members captured and the group broken up, the dogs remaining likely will change their travel patterns, McIntosh said.

No one in the community has reported being attacked by the dogs, but residents have made numerous complaints. Officers suggests caution when going outdoors and encourage Sun City residents to call Animal Control at 843-255-5010 if they see the strays so officers have a better idea where to search for them.