Beaufort News

Crime reports Tuesday

The following reports were released Tuesday by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office:

BLUFFTONCAR BREAK-IN• Heartstone Circle: iPod worth $100, plastic change dispenser worth $50, key worth $20, $20 in change stolen. Center console damaged: $100.

PROPERTY DAMAGE• Simmonsville Road: Windshield smashed in apartment parking lot. Damage: $800.

BURTONTHEFT• Battery Creek High School, Blue Dolphin Drive: Cell phone worth $275 stolen.

HILTON HEAD ISLANDCAR BREAK-IN• Cordillo Parkway: Radar detector worth $40, satellite radio worth $60, softball bag worth $35, four bats worth $600, two gloves worth $75 stolen.

PROPERTY DAMAGE• Brams Point Road: Damage to two golf carts: $1,500. Two golf cart keys worth $20 stolen.• Bradley Beach Road: Vehicle door damaged in parking lot: $5,000. • Bradley Beach Road: Driver's window shattered. Damage: $300. Purse worth $20 stolen.

THEFT• North Main Street: Desktop computer worth $1,500 and desk charger for Palm Pilot worth $50 stolen from doctor's office.• Hunter Road: Pallet of stone worth $1,300, generator worth $1,000 stolen from store.

LADY'S ISLANDTHEFT• Janette Drive: Tools worth $1,130 stolen.CAR BREAK-IN• Christine Drive: Electronics worth $900, shoes worth $100 stolen.

Compiled by Patrick Donohue and Josh McCann